The American Center for Natural Medicine – Dr. Bethania Noronha


Dr. Bethania Noronha is the Owner of The American Center for Natural Medicine in Scottsdale and key player
in changing the way future generations practice and use medicine. Through education, experience, and guidance,
she helps her patients restore their health and vitality so that they can live their best lives.

In order to share her knowledge with the community and teach those in the medical field how to get better results,
she teaches seminars throughout the valley, mentors naturopathic medical students, and has taught at the
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). Every day she is driven by her passion to infuse health, happiness, and hope back into medicine to create a healthier world.

Her Lifestyle Reset and Detox Program is fun and easy to follow. The educational approach ensures that her patients reach their goals and stick to healthy lifestyles that continue to get them results long after the program.
Patients rave about their results and love the journey!

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