Huss Brewing – Leah Huss


Leah Huss Co-Founded Huss Brewing Co. in Tempe with her husband Jeff in August of 2013. Huss Brewing quickly became Arizona’s third largest brewery. Leah is a Graduate of the Scottsdale Culinary Institute of Le Cordon
Blue Culinary Arts. Very soon after graduating she became the Managing Partner of Papago Brewing Co. in Scottsdale. Leah is a pioneer of Arizona’s Craft Beer Scene. Along with being one of the few women in Craft beer in
Arizona in the early 2000’s, Papago Brewing was one of the only places in the state serving over 450 packaged beers and 30 taps of just craft. After finding out they were having their daughter the Husses made plans to set out to put down roots and create a legacy for their family in the Arizona Craft Beer Scene.

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