Vitalship Naturopathic Family Medicine – Dr.LeTicia Qamar-Busler and Dr. Ashley Chung


VitalShip owners Dr. LeTicia Qamar-Busler (Dr. Q) and Dr. Chung have been dreaming big together and making those dreams happen for over 4 years. Both graduates of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine here in Arizona, Drs. Q and Chung keep true to their naturopathic roots helping patients’ bodies heal themselves on physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual levels. Dr. Q and Dr. Chung believe in addressing problems from the ground up and getting to the root cause of any issue. Planning and perfecting is still part of everyday life at VitalShip where they and their team of amazing women care for patients of all ages, with any conditions with great care and time spent to really understand each individual need.

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