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We know that every woman needs a community of other women to thrive. Our goal is to bring the KNOW to every city across North America. Interested in helping to drive the movement forward?



You are an a woman of influence or dynamic tastemaker


You are a well-connected, savvy and in tune with your community


You believe in our mission to support and empower women


Let’s do this!

Step 1: APPLY

Step 1: APPLY

Fill out a short application so we can get to know you.

Step 2: LEARN

Step 2: LEARN

We provide full training via on-demand videos and easy access to our network for support.

Step 3: LIFT & RISE

Step 3: LIFT & RISE

As a Market Manager you are recognized as the go-to leader for high-powered female makers, creators and entrepreneurs.


Read testimonials from some of our KNOW Market Managers

Erica Castner

Being a Local Market Manager has been a great way for me to strengthen my relationships with dynamic women in the Fort Myers, Florida community. But, what I love most about being a KNOW Local Market Manager is helping the women in our local community connect with powerful women in other markets so they can expand their reach in order to advance their professional goals faster.

Julie Tingley

Leading a project that celebrates and honors women who empower one another, have demonstrated exceptional leadership and persevered to achieve their goals is not only fulfilling a passion of mine, but it’s also allowing me to show my two little girls how magical and special it is to be a female in Tampa Bay.

Dr. Paulette J. Evans

I love being a member of the KNOW collaborative, and I especially love working with the other Women in my market and across the globe. Despite COVID changing the majority of our plans, we have been able to come together in other ways to stay connected during this challenging time. From a local level, I have been enjoying bonding with the KNOW Raleigh Women, planning educational events, and promoting these amazing leaders on a regular basis. From a big picture view, I admire how KNOW Women, KNOW Global and KNOW Cares all come together to improve the lives of women and children all over the world. I love contributing to that overall mission!

Rachel Tarman

I decided to become an Ambassador for KNOW after an amazing experience being featured in the first Phoenix book.  Being an Ambassador allows me to help support the KNOW mission of “Lift and Rise” on a daily basis.  Meeting and helping support women is important to me because after I was in the first book, that was the response I received.  I was surrounded by amazing women who wanted to support me, my goals, and my professional trajectory.  More importantly, I now have a group of women that I am pleased to call my friends.  None of that would have been possible without the KNOW Book.

Kim Hayden

I have had the honor to witness business growth and pivots unlike any I have seen in Calgary before. Like many of you, I too have spent time in pivot and am working to find ways to connect. I am leaning now to the KNOW Women and am happy to say that with the transitions KNOW women has seen and its incredible growth, Sarah Benken is workin to strengthen and support each chpater while creating new pathways to larger market awareness. I hope to have some news as to who the Calgary KNOW Market Manager predecessor will be and look forward to engaging locally at a more consistent rate. I have personally learned so much from this experience and continue to learn and be inspired by our Founder, Sarah.

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