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Often referred to as “Superwoman” by those closest to her, she’s a successful entrepreneur, a loving mother of two, a supportive wife, a caring sister, and a loyal friend. Driven by her passion for life, she builds meaningful relationships, dedicates her time where it’s needed most, and insists that failure is just a stepping stone on her path to success.

She’s an Iowa native with a major Midwest work ethic. She founded Sharp Construction, LLC in 2017, a woman owned commercial construction business located in Phoenix, AZ. She’s also the qualifying party holding a KB1 Commercial Construction License for her firm.

Tiffany is so open to new ideas, so accepting of the ambiguity inherent in risk, and so sure that the world is basically a friendly place. She thrives within her leadership role determined to continue and grow her business as a strong capable female in a male dominated industry.

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