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With an extensive background in politics, Mandi began her career producing large-scale events for Gubernatorial and Presidential political campaigns. After spending years in politics, she switched gears and let her love for football move her to Arizona to serve as the Director of Events for Arizona Super Bowl XLII. She went on to run the events department for Arizona Super Bowl XLIX and then to serve as the Vice President of Events for Super Bowl LI in Houston. She returned to Arizona to write the NFL Bid with a small team to secure Super Bowl LVII for Arizona, which will be held in 2023, and currently serves as a Consultant to the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee.

Additionally, Mandi co-owns and operates Black Barrel Media, LLC, a media agency that specializes in podcast production and video creation. Through thorough research and as self-proclaimed “history buffs”, Black Barrel’s original shows: “Legends of the Old West” and “Infamous America”, tell the classic, true stories of American History in a series format using cinematic storytelling and sound design. While “Legends of the Old West” podcast focuses on stories like: the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Wyatt Earp’s rise to fame, the Texas Rangers, Deadwood, Jesse James and the most legendary outlaws and heroic men and women of the American West; “Infamous America” recently began with a series on the Salem Witch Trials and delves into the darker, edgier times of American History.

When Mandi is not producing an event or a podcast, you’ll find her at a live music show, hiking or at the airport – constantly traveling.

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