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Stephanie Schull, PhD, wants to help women everywhere live the life of their dreams.With a mission focused on creating things that should have always existed, Dr.Schull aims to change the game for millions of women with radically effective products that are safe, natural and get to the heart of the matter.Dr. Schull, an academic researcher-turned-inventor-and-entrepreneur, created Kegelbell in response to her mother’s debilitating health problems that had started with surgical approaches to pelvic floor issues. She invented Kegelbell as the world’s first weight training system of its kind to strengthen the hard-to-reach pelvic floor muscle so essential to vibrant health. She designed it to help busy modern women do a super kegel in less time with incredible results.Unlike kegels alone, plastic balls or complicated inserts, Kegelbell allows women to easily and naturally strengthen the pelvic floor muscle for better bladder control and enhanced sexual function in a five-minute session just three times a week. Dr. Schull said it is emotional for her when she hears back from customers, when after just two weeks of using Kegelbell they get control of their bodies and their lives, and that makes it all worth it.

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