Homeward Bound – Becky Jackson

CategoriesNon-Profit, Phoenix

A passionate, persistent, dynamic, and heartfelt leader.

Becky Jackson believes “no” is never the answer and true solutions can only occur through collaboration. Following a major career change 16 years ago, she entered the Arizona non-profit landscape hoping to give back to the community in a big way. Becky attributes success in her career to the amazing female role models who built her up to where she is today; President and CEO of Homeward Bound. Now driven by the opportunity to empower homeless women as they seek to change the trajectory for their own children, she knows that Homeward Bound’s work creates future KNOW Tribe members in our community. Becky believes the best things in life are simple- time with her granddaughter, her family, a slice of cornbread and a light pink Cosmo!

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