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Meredith was wild about working with a torch and metal from the age of 16. Her grandparents’ home in Green Valley, Arizona spurred an early interest in minerals and the lapidary arts. Meredith attended Marist High School which allowed her to fill her curriculum with different studio art classes, as well as, art history classes. These teachers, along with her parents, were paramount in her development as an artist. In college she majored inArt History with a minor in English at the University of Georgia, concentrating in sculpture and contemporary installation art. Upon graduation, Meredith reverted back to “making art,” filling her evenings and weekends with metalsmithing classes and workshops. For nearly a decade, she worked in a corporate business development career and designed and created jewelry at night in her studio selling her jewelry in local boutiques. In2016 when she took her passion full time, launching her first collections of fine jewelry and one-of-a-kind works of art. Made in LA and Arizona, her jewelry seeks to combine opposed visual aesthetics: the geometric and the organic, chaos and order, and negative and positive space.

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