Dr. Chelsie Sex Therapist – Dr. Chelsie Reed


Dr. Chelsie is a sex therapist known for her work with Mental Orgasms (an orgasm by thought alone, without physical stimulation). She works to help all ages, sexualities, and relationship types – as a registered Kink Knowledgeable Therapist- to achieve sexual fulfillment and overcome vaginismus, trauma, addictions, lack of desire, erectile dysfunction, and ANY other sexual difficulty. Dr. Chelsie can also consult with medical teams to address physical complications relating to sex (infertility, atrophy, cancer, etc.). She also specializes in Pain Management – her Online Pain Management Course gives clients all over the world the tools to gain control of their pain. Dr. Chelsie is passionate about helping her clients achieve real change and gain quality of life for their days and nights. Available for in -person or online counseling.

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