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Raised by parents who struggled with drug addiction, Carrie lived a childhood filled with setbacks, heartbreak and challenges. At 13, her parents left her and her three siblings to live alone. Carrie started working as a teenager to help support her remaining family. At the young age of 20, she became a single mother to a beautiful daughter. Carrie’s path would be different than her parents. She kept moving forward and invoked survival. She eventually found a
job as an administrative assistant with LGE Design Build. She continued climbing over the course of 15 years eventually becoming C.A.O. and partner in business ventures. Carrie Garcia could have been a statistic.
Instead, she’s a leading force for one of the Valley’s top commercial design-build firms — and a proud mother as well. Her combination of perseverance, empathy, life experience and professional experience differentiate her in her field and make her an ideal woman to connect within the Valley business community.

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