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Kay McDonald is a world traveler and social entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience in fashion and philanthropy. She is an industry leader in Awareness and Cause Jewelry and a highly sought after consultant to a fast-growing niche industry…Jewelry as a Force for Good. She had been coined a “fashanthropist” and is one of the mavericks of the movement that marries Fashion and Compassion. Kay founded Charity Charms in 2004, which creates custom charms from an organization’s logo to help them raise funds and awareness. Her programs provide a new way for organizations to help engage with their community through wearable, meaningful charm bracelets. Her mission is “Changing the World through the Power of Charms”, and to date has created custom charm programs for over 500 organizations worldwide, helping to raise upwards of ten million dollars. Kay has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Modern Jeweler Magazine, FrontDoors Magazine, and was awarded The Business Journal’s Top 12 Businesswomen. Currently, Kay is writing a book about the Impact of Jewelry as a Force for Good.

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