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Shelby Lippincott, CEO of Shelby Lippincott Décor Paint brings color to life. Her love for painting started 23 years ago while working part-time as a painter in high school. It’s then she discovered the amazing effects a new paint finish can have. Shelby quickly embarked on growing and perfecting her art through imaginative and vibrant applications…all through the power of color! Shelby works with homeowners, designers, contractors and other artists within Arizona and beyond to provide the highest quality decorative finishes, plaster textures and general painting services. Whether her clients want something more simplistic or uber decorative, Shelby brings a fresh perspective along with creativity, imagination and enthusiasm to everyone she meets. For Shelby, painting is her passion, but it’s her quality of work is what lasts a life-time. Known as a perfectionist, Shelby’s work has become highly regarded in her field.

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