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In so many ways, Wanda O’Malley’s CPA firm is not your typical accounting practice. Wanda and her staff are approachable, flexible and fun in client engagements. A hallmark of Wanda’s work is helping clients determine whether they truly are profitable, thriving and sustainable. Her personable style helps young, growing companies make decisions on solid, factual data. Wanda becomes a supportive partner in helping business owners and entrepreneurs feel secure in making key decisions that lead to greater success and growth. Most satisfying is when Wanda makes a true difference with her clients – moving the client’s business into a healthy position. Wanda O’Malley’s clients can choose the level of service needed: bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, or training individuals on QuickBooks®. When not helping companies take better control of their financial futures, Wanda enjoys yoga and kayaking.

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