Fit 6-7-8 – Raquel Kahn


Raquel Kahn has had a love affair with dance for as long as she can remember. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University, Raquel worked in various tech and energy roles. While these 9-5 jobs paid the bills, they never inspired her. So in the beginning of 2017 she decided to leave engineering and pursue a “passion-project;” opening a dance fitness studio. Raquel got into the world of fitness in 2009, but felt that traditional gyms did not serve women particularly well, often making them feel small and uncertain. At the same time, the increasingly popular realm of boutique fitness fell short in fostering inclusivity and sense of community. She built Fit 6-7-8 to bridge this gap, striving to give women a safe place to build both their bodies and their confidence. Raquel takes pride in the supportive and vivacious community created at Fit 6-7-8.

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