DLR Group – Shelby Guddeck + Megan Duffy

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Megan Duffy & Shelby Guddeck are professional interior designers, with a combined 29 years of experience in architecture, design, and construction. For the last 3 years this sister duo has been bringing their expertise and knowledge to DLR Group by growing an interiors practice for the Phoenix Office, training and mentoring younger designers, and working with a wide range of clients to bring their design visions to life. Both sisters received Bachelor of Science degrees in Interior Design; Megan from Arizona State University, and Shelby from Oklahoma State University. The sisters agree that working together has been the highlight of their careers, thus far. Their favorite mantra is “Go Slow, to Go Fast”. In a real estate market  that requires speed , it is important to take the time to understand our clients’ needs to create a truly unique design that fits the budget, schedule, and exceeds the client expectations.

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