Billing Tree – Melissa Kirk

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Melissa serves as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for BillingTree, a payments technology company providing tech innovation and merchant services for biller direct markets. Melissa has acted as a catalyst for change, transforming BillingTree from a sales/marketing company to a forward-thinking technology company. Through cultivating an environment of thoughtful change and growth, Melissa has built a technology team from scratch,
developed a processing platform to diversify BillingTree’s business while maintaining redundant, compliant
IT infrastructure for our clients and staff. Melissa is passionate about leading innovation and transformation,
while championing end-to-end quality as an agent of best practice in the ever-changing world of technology, data security, risk and compliance.

Melissa passionately supports diversity and equality in the workplace, and in early 2018 spearheaded a Women in Leadership program at BillingTree. Through this program Melissa works closely with colleagues across the BillingTree organization as well as with other influential leaders, outside of BillingTree, to inspire women at all stages of their career development to reach for the stars and challenge themselves to grow into our next generation of strong, successful women leaders.

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