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Kristina Guerrero is an internationally recognized pop culture expert having been a host and correspondent for E! News. She’s interviewed some of Hollywood’s biggest stars including George Clooney, Tom Hanks, and Julia Roberts, just to name a few. As the first Latina host for E! News, she used her platform to encourage other Latina’s to pursue their dreams no matter their circumstances. In 2016, Kristina moved to Phoenix, Arizona to host the syndicated lifestyle show The List, which airs in close to 50 markets across the country. The show covers trends in tech, fashion, food, and travel. Kristina hosts live events and is a public speaker–sharing her experience of rising from poverty to pursuing and realizing her dreams. Her greatest joy is her 4 year old son Mateo. She’s been happily married and sharing her favorite wine Pinot Noir with her husband Gibby Cevallos for 8 years.

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