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Rachel Elise Trimble is self-described quirky and artistic licensed contractor, author, celebrity speaker and an accomplished DIY (Do It Yourself) instructor that offers classes both at her shop and via online tutorials. With an extensive background working with the construction industry, Rachel has the expertise and the know-how to get things done. When combined with her can’t-shut-it-off creativity, she’s able to accept any challenge and complete tasks creatively, efficiently and professionally. Restyle Junkie specializes in painting cabinets throughout the Valley and taking new wood and giving it all the character of reclaimed wood, but without the exposure to the elements. Community involvement is just as important as a fabulous living space at Restyle Junkie. Rachel is a supporter of many local charities and organizations in Phoenix including: Valley Life, Debbie Gaby Charities, The Boys & Girls Club, the Virginia C. Piper Cancer Center and local no-kill animal shelters.

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