Combined Insurance of America – Nikki Pritchard

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Nikki provides education and coverage involving supplemental living benefits to individuals for their loss of time due to illness or injury. She specializes in helping self-employed entrepreneurs, as well as people that are considered high risk due to their occupation, hobbies, and/or health concerns get paid for minor things like stitches and fractures, as well as more major things like hospitalization, disability, and critical illness. A proud advocate in the industry for over two years, Nikki couldn’t be happier about helping people avoid the financial situation she personally experienced when her life took an unexpected turn. Taking many lessons from her multiple sclerosis diagnosis, Nikki uses them to bring awareness to everyone’s most valuable asset, their health, with an intense drive. She understands that the bills don’t stop just because of life’s setbacks. A question she always asks is: “What is your time worth to you?”

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