Medically trained and naturally focused, Ayla is a licensed naturopathic doctor in the Bowness district of Calgary. Ayla uses natural therapies such as: Therapeutic nutrition, intravenous nutritional drips, herbal medicine, acupuncture, physical medicine (massage, cupping, electrostimulation, and manipulation), and advanced functional lab work to get to the root cause of what is going on for you, to help you feel better and live your best life. Ayla treats most common conditions, with a focus on: women’s health and hormonal imbalances, gut health (digestive issues, IBS, IBD, food sensitivities), stress management, skin issues (acne and eczema), pain management / sports medicine, and optimizing your energy, sleep, and moods. You can also book in for a complementary 15 min consultation on her website (doctorlester.com) to discuss what is going on for you over tea, or follow Ayla on Instragram and her blog for health tips and to learn more about naturopathic medicine.

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