Weddings by Evanescents – Nikki Cook & Sharlene Cunningham

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True lovers of weddings and experienced in all aspects of events, Nikki Cook & Sharlene Cunningham came together to create Weddings by Evanescents 7 years ago. Friends first, business partners next, Nikki & Sharlene have managed hundreds of weddings at a variety of locations across Alberta, B.C and Mexico.All brides dream of their big day and how it plays out in their head. What we realized for most part is that it doesn’t quite pan out like that. Weddings by Evanescents provides excellence in wedding and event planning tailoring to the needs of each couple. They offer DIY rentals, full planning, make-up and everything in between. Sharlene & Nikki pay close attention to even the smallest details and strive to build a personal relationship with each of their couples. In short, they love, love!When Nikki & Sharlene are not busy managing weddings, they are busy being new moms to 2 sweet babies who were born a day apart! Now that’s a partnership!

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