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Janet St. Germain is a Calgary resident, mother and entrepreneur with an eclectic taste in businesses. Alongside other careers, sheǯs been an accomplished photographer, jewelry maker and writer. Early on, Janet directed daycares, overseeing regulatory compliance, hiring, curriculum and menus. Seeing the need for more high-quality centres, Janet built two large accredited daycares, employing 30 staff. Janet and her daughter, Andréa, are currently seeking a third location. Her love of acting, creative writing and comedy led Janet to what has become her major Ǯsecond careerǯas the owner of a hilarious, interactive dinner theatre production company: Smoking Gun Entertainment, which specializes mostly in murder mysteries. In 15 years, Smoking Gun grew to 15 cities across Canada, 500 actors, producing more than 100 shows per year for anywhere from 10 – 500 attendees. Janet seeks out travel to remote parts of the world, and is grateful to work on any of her passion-driven careers from her laptop from a café, firmly believing you should keep wondering what youǯll be when you grow up!

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