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With every piece of exquisitely designed jewellery or silverware that Ellinor Stenroos makes, she creates keepsakes. Yet, she also contributes to the magnificent evolution of human relationships, as well. Her jewellery and art is built to become a legacy – whether it’s her sought-after engagement or wedding rings, earrings or necklaces, or functional silverware or sculptures. It’s bespoke art, rather than simply a commodity. It’s about creating family heirlooms, to be handed down through generations. It’s not just a beautiful item that signifies an occasion. It’s a treasure you pass on and with that, you’re creating memories.Raised in Finland, trained in the UK and working under her own name in Calgary since 2010. Recognized nationally and internationally for her bold statement pieces rendered in contemporary Scandinavian style, Ellinor’s use of clean lines and architectural integrity appeals to those confident in their own style, with an appreciation for high quality craftsmanship.

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