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Owner of several past and present successful businesses, Monique Shaw is Lead Designer and Property Stylist of Homes Sold Beautifully. After having run both a thriving restaurant in London, England as well as her own company inventing innovative products for newborns, Monique wrote for British magazines, going on to study interior design in London, where she lived for many years before returning to Canada. Her passion for European design and travel broadened her horizons, and Monique now runs a well known, glamorous design and staging boutique, styling properties for homeowners, realtors and developers. Monique has been featured on TV in both the UK and Canada, most recently appearing on Homes And Lifestyles TV show, where she demonstrates her staging and design abilities. ‘People aspire to buy your lifestyle as much as your home. So why not turn the ordinary into the extraordinary for your potential buyers!’.

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