Pure and Simple Nourishment – Dr. Erin Carter


Dr. Erin Carter is the founder and author of the paleo food and healthy living blog, Pure and Simple Nourishment. Erin realized the healing power of food when she solved many of her own health issues through adopting a paleo-style diet. Since then she has become passionate about teaching her patients and readers the importance of healthy eating. She is particularly focused on helping those with autoimmune diseases heal their bodies through the food they eat. Erin also recognizes that total health involves more than just healthy eating, and on her blog she discusses many other healthy living and wellness strategies. Erin’s recipes have been featured in numerous online publications and websites. When she isn’t seeing patients you can often find Erin at a spin class, practicing her photography, meeting friends for coffee, planning her next beach vacation or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

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