Brant Lake Wagyu – Michelle Ball


As the managing partner of Ballco Group of Companies, Michelle is passionate about her primary role in promotion of Brant Lake Wagyu. She has been involved in this family business since 1993. The group of companies encompasses custom feeding, grain farming, cattle breeding and the most recent venture in the promotion of their branded beef – Brant Lake Wagyu. She enjoys both her love for the culinary world and cattle by dedicating her time and energy into the promotion and marketing of Brant Lake Wagyu in both the domestic and international market place. Michelle also volunteers on various boards and committees. She sat on the Board of the High River District Health Care Foundation 2012-2017. Currently she sits on the board of the Rowan House Society and Twilight Festival Society. Michelle’s other passion are health, wellness and travel. Michelle’s spare time is spent cycling in various countries.

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