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Kimberley is an administrative professional who helps small business owners to grow and manage their businesses. With a decade of experience as an administrative and executive professional, and a successful career working with executives in various industries, Kimberley recognized the need for on demand office support for local small business owners. Having gained diverse, real world experience and, being a graduate of SAIT in Administrative Information Management, she utilizes her experience and education to provide customized and dedicated support to successful clients. When business owners are able to focus on what they do best their business thrives, and Kimberley is all about helping them do just that. Large, ŵ uŶ daŶ e or edžĐeptioŶ al, she’s readLJ to help. Kiŵ ďerleLJ’s availaďle for reŵ ote, oŶ deŵ aŶ d adŵ iŶ istrative aŶ d ŵ arketiŶ g support, aŶ d happLJ to provide consultations over a coffee.

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