The Astral Alchemist – Julie Kapuschak

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“Eccentric, intuitive, and a little ͞too͟ out there for some, Julie is an alternative energy healer practicing and sharing her own special healing modality: Astral Healing. Calling herself the ͞Astral Alchemist,͟ Julie used her knowledge from becoming certified in Reiki, Crystal Healing and Angel Healing modalities to intuitively design a modality that combines mind, body, and spiritual healing practices. Astral Healing can be accomplished in two ways: exclusively through visualization, or through the inclusion of light physical stretches. Each practice is designed to revolve around Earth’s energetic laws of circular motion, allowing you to recognize energy cycles and use them to promote energetic balance within your mind, body, and spirit. Julie teaches Astral Healing in her online communities, as well as in-person through group and private classes in the Calgary area.”

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