Modern Emulsions – Magda Assaf

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From uncreative beginnings (B.Sc. Biochemistry, B.Mgt. Finance, CPA, and a 10 year analytical career), an unexpected spark ignited in late 2015. Suddenly the urge to connect with her community, the need to create, and the need to be free, set ablaze a series of changes, starting with leaving the corporate world. Within months painting took hold of daily life, and now her original artwork can be found in galleries and several retailers. Magda is a self-taught abstract artist who specializes in the blending effects between acrylics, resin, and metallic pigments. The work has fluid-like movement and dries to a glassy finish, leaving her pieces with a modern feel. In art, she has found her home. Her right and left brain work in harmony, creating and exploring. And at the root of her happiness, she is able to create pieces that highlight a room, bring pleasure, and spark passion and imagination in people.

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