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Coming from a family of entrepreneurs Maika always knew that she wanted to own her own business she just hadn’t found her niche yet. Established is 2005, GimmeSomeSugar was an organic creation from a high demand of people looking for Body Sugaring, specifically the traditional hand method. It all started in a very small apartment. Maika quickly new that she found her passion. Making people look, feel good. Due to the growth of the business, the high traffic ofclientele and a few more moves, she decided it was time to set some deep roots. GimmeSomeSugar is now fully operational Body Sugaring shop located inSW Calgary. While sugaring is their first love they also offer other services such as waxing, dermaplaning, and intimate skin lightening. Being able to customize services for clients and making their visit an experience is what GimmeSomeSugar is all about.

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