Podcast Playbook Series – Part 5 of 7 

The Formula for a powerful podcast episode

Deirdre Tshien | Capsho | KNOW Women

Now that you have defined your podcast niche and premise, set up your podcast brand, created a clear content creation strategy and recorded your first podcast episode, it is time to get into the editing room.

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The thought of editing can often be daunting, especially when striving for perfection. The good news? It doesn’t have to be.

This article will give you practical steps to streamline the podcast editing process using simple tools. So that you can reduce the overwhelm, keep perfectionism at bay and focus on creating content that genuinely resonates with your audience.

Part 1: Content Editing

Content editing is where we remove any parts of the recording that you don’t want in the final episode. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Review for Impact: Listen to your recording with a critical ear. Identify segments that may not contribute meaningfully to your message. This includes redundant information, off-topic ramblings, or any parts that don’t align with your podcast’s goal.
  • Cut the Clutter: Don’t fret over every “umm” or “ahh,” but do remove them if they significantly disrupt the flow. The goal is to maintain authenticity while ensuring a smooth listener experience. It’s about finding a balance between polished content and keeping the human touch that makes your podcast relatable.
  • Refine Your Message: Keep your edits focused on enhancing the clarity and impact of your content. If a segment doesn’t serve your listener or the episode’s objective, it’s likely a candidate for removal.

The tool that I highly recommend using to do your content editing is Descript.

Descript has a free tier for you to sign up and try. It is very intuitive to use based on highlighting text on the transcript and deleting it. Descript will then automatically delete that same section from the audio. Content editing using Descript will be incredibly simple and easy. You can get into some of their how-tos here.

    Part 2: Audio Editing

    Once you’ve edited the content, the second part of editing is the audio. I’ve never had the patience for balancing audio, mixing, mastering, etc. but the great thing is that Descript will do this for you too!

    It is also in this step that I insert the intro and outro music we created on Day 2. You will upload your intro and outro music into Descript and insert them exactly where you want them.

    Descript makes it super simple to slice, dice and move things around so that once it is exported you have a great sounding and completely finished episode!

      Final note

      By adopting a focused and simplified approach to both content and audio editing, you can significantly reduce the time and stress often associated with podcast production.

      Remember, the essence of a successful podcast lies in its ability to connect with and impact its audience—not in achieving technical perfection.

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      Deirdre Tshien

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