Podcast Playbook Series – Part 1 of 7 

How to identify your podcast niche and craft a unique podcast premise

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Podcasting is an increasingly powerful medium for entrepreneurs to establish authority, reach and connect with a new market of their audience, and grow their business.

But with increasing popularity comes the potential for saturation, which is why finding the right niche and creating a unique premise for your show is crucial. 

This will ensure you speak directly to the hearts and minds of your specific audience and get an ROI on your content creation.

Define Your Specific Audience

All entrepreneurs know that niching down is a Business 101 principle. And yet so many of us skip this step when it comes to our podcast. 

To help you create podcast content that hits home every time, you need a tangible and granular understanding of who you are speaking to. 

Here’s a simple yet effective exercise to help you do just that: 

Question 1: How does your audience describe themselves?

    • Define them as specifically as possible (e.g., “high-ticket coaches & consultants”, “moms returning to the workforce”, etc.).

Question 2: What sets them apart?

    • Determine a characteristic that makes your audience unique (e.g., “who are eco-conscious”, “who value self-care”, etc.).

Question 3: What are they seeking?

    • Identify the outcome they desire (e.g., “to scale their business to 6 figures”, “to find work-life balance”, etc.).

Then string the answers to these 3 questions together to define your specific audience. For example: Moms returning to the workforce who value self-care and want to scale their business to 6 figures.

This process is not just academic; it’s about connecting to the core of what your audience needs and how you can serve them.

Craft a unique premise for your podcast

Once you have defined your specific audience, it’s time to craft a unique premise that will set your show apart and make it their new favorite. 

My friend Jay Acunzo, Founder of Creator Kitchen, has an excellent framework to help you do just that! 

It is called the Audience Resonance Pyramid and is made up of the following:

First up, Relevance – Your content MUST align with your audience’s core interests and needs. This is tablestakes. 

Next, we have Enjoyability: Your podcast should be a pleasure to listen to. Whether it’s through a narrative style or engaging storytelling, make your podcast a highlight of their day.

Then there is Impact: Offer actionable insights. Your content should empower listeners to make meaningful changes or gain valuable knowledge.

And finally, it has to be Personal: Bring your unique perspective to the show. Your personal anecdotes and experiences are what transform a generic podcast into a favorite.

Want a more in-depth resource to help you craft your unique premise? 

    1. Click here to listen to my conversation with Jay for his detailed breakdown of the Audience Resonance Pyramid.
    2. Then Click here to listen to a practical walkthrough of how I updated my own podcast premise using Jay’s framework. 

Creating a podcast isn’t just about reaching an audience; it’s about reaching the right audience and providing them with a show they’ll cherish so that you become their trusted source. 

By defining your specific audience and crafting a unique premise for a show that will become their favorite, you lay the foundation for a podcast that not only creates a loyal community of listeners but grows your business organically.

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