Podcast Playbook Series – Part 3 of 7 

How to create Podcast Content that Converts

Deirdre Tshien | Capsho | KNOW Women

Once you have defined your podcast niche and premise, and set up your podcast brand, we need to turn our focus to our content creation strategy. 

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At the core of a successful podcast is content that helps convert listeners into leads and then clients. 

This isn’t just about creating content; it’s about crafting a path that guides your most ideal clients – of what I refer to as your Level 10 clients – from their current situation (Point A) to their desired outcomes (Point B). 

This strategy is what I call the Content Bridge. 

But first. 

Why Your Level 10 Client is Key

Level 10 clients are in search of content that not only informs but transforms. They value what you offer, take full responsibility for their personal growth, and are committed to applying what they learn to achieve tangible results.

Focusing your content creation on Level 10 clients does more than just attract them; it actually magnetizes your entire ideal audience. 

Clients at every stage of their journey – from the beginners (Level 1) to those nearing their peak (Level 8) – aspire to reach Level 10. 

They see themselves in your Level 10 clients and strive to emulate their success. 

So by tailoring your podcast content to meet the needs and aspirations of your Level 10 clients, you inherently appeal to your entire audience.

The Content Bridge 

Here are the steps to using the Content Bridge to create podcast content that will convert: 

    1. Identify your audience’s Point A: Start by pinpointing exactly where your Level 10 client is at this moment. This could range from struggling to generate leads, to seeking balance in their personal life, to desiring a significant career change.
    2. Define your audience’s Point B: Clearly articulate the ultimate goals or aspirations of your Level 10 client. Whether it’s securing consistent high-ticket clients, achieving work-life harmony, or making a significant income leap, understanding their Point B is crucial.
    3. Outline Your Framework: Detail the step-by-step process or framework you propose to transition them from Point A to Point B. This framework should be the backbone of your podcast content, providing a clear, actionable path for your listeners.

By understanding where your clients are, where they want to be, and how you can help them get there, your podcast becomes more than just a show—it becomes a transformative journey for your listeners.

Want a more in-depth walkthrough of the Content Bridge? Click here to listen to my breakdown on the Grow My Podcast Show. 

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