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In January 2017, Meg Seitz, Chief Creative Officer and Owner of toth shop, and Julia Murray, Owner
of Julia Fay Photography, started writing and photographing the weekly blog for Hygge Coworking. In less
than two years, they have profiled or partnered with over one hundred creative thinkers, personal brands and
companies. It’s all a sincere effort to help humans tell their stories more confidently and consistently with
words and pictures created with magic, soul, spunk, and charm.

In 2018, they made this unique service offering a business: toth + fay. toth + fay is a one stop shop for visual and written content unlike any other. It is brand storytelling art that pushes the boundaries. The final product
not only captures the heart and the soul of their brand, but also inspires confidence in those who live and breathe the brand everyday.

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