Breeze Through Fitness – Emily Breeze


Ross Watson is no stranger to competition. Playing sports from a young age, Breeze’s fitness journey included track and basketball at Winthrop University. Most recently, she stepped onto the competition floor at the CrossFit Games in 2014, 2015 and 2017. Today, Breeze fills many roles as a personal trainer, CrossFit competitor, leader of Charlotte’s largest bootcamp, coach to an online fitness program community, and new mom to two little ones. Breeze and her husband Montell Watson welcomed their first son, Bly Rhunar Watson, in 2016. Their first daughter, Merci
Deas Watson, just joined the mix in May. Throughout both pregnancies, Breeze continued to train in CrossFit,
attracting worldwide media attention that transformed her a into global fitness inspiration. Breeze is excited to use her social media platform to empower athletes at all stages of life to make strides towards a healthier lifestyle every day.

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