The Emerald – Ashlyn Rowe and Abby Leadon

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Ashlyn Rowe and Abby Leadon are the co-founders and boss babes behind The Emerald, the newest women’s co-working space located in Scottsdale, Arizona. What started as a long email from Ashlyn to Abby, filled with vision and wishful thinking, has now turned into a real-life dream and career, placing these two on the map amongst some of the top female entrepreneurs in the Valley. The goal was to create an inspiring work space for female entrepreneurs, movers, shakers and visionaries to connect with a community of other like-minded women. The Emerald offers a gorgeous place to work, have meetings, attend events and find an elevated level of success. This membership-based concept welcomes women from all backgrounds and provides the tools they need to take their business, relationships and skill sets to the next level. Member perks include killer wifi and printing, coffee from their in-house cafe, educational workshops, beauty vanities, and exclusive partner discounts!

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