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Nicole Stettler is the lead owner and lead esthetician of Optimal Esthetics Incorporated, a downtown located business offering expertise in the overall wellness, esthetics, and nutrition to help you care for your skin, inside and out. Nicole has always had a drive for success. Coming from family of entrepreneurs, she relocated to Calgary in her early twenties. She is now certified in IPL, Laser Hair Removal, Basic and Advanced Skin Anatomy, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Laser Genesis, and Advanced Vascular Laser Certification. While Nicole is running her businesses she also cares for her two beautiful children. She has a passion to keep herself fit, with a love for skin care and a healthy lifestyle for herself and her children. She is a business owner, a fitness and face guru, and a devoted mother. Nicole believes in the lifestyle to pay it forward and tries to help all people around her.

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