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Karey Northington is a stay at home mom turned entrepreneur.

She is the owner of Northington Fitness and Nutrition-a fitness center located in Gilbert, Arizona, including a comprehensive online coaching program, as well as PROTEINHOUSE Gilbert, a fast-casual healthy eating concept.

She is a registered nurse focused on nutrition and preventative care. Karey holds Bachelor degrees in both Nursing and Psychology, passionate about the science of eating behaviors and focusing on ultimate wellness before signs of illness.

Karey is a speaker, writer/ blogger, published fitness cover model, and IFBB professional athlete. She helps other entrepreneurs build and scale their own digital businesses using her debt-free framework. She loves sharing her knowledge on the Work Smart, Stress Lesssegments of the popular podcast Confessions of a Fit Chick.

Karey is a proud mama to the most amazing boy, Nolan, and married to her business partner, Eric. They were featured on the popular weight-loss reality show, Fit to Fat to FitSeason 2 on Lifetime.

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