Key Instincts – Pamela Morgan

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Finding the right talent for your company’s team takes more than just the usual canned interview questions. Pamela Morgan, founder of Key Instincts, understands that it’s also about looking at a company’s culture, business needs, and internal dynamics in order to find the perfect fit for a role. Branching out on her own after working for more than 25 years in a corporate executive leadership role, Pamela is now collaborating with the energy sector, retail, and the tradesin matching the right talents and attitudes with the right seats and cultures. Moving forward as an HR Consultant specialising in talent acquisition, Pamela is building programs that will enhance the experience of these matches, becoming the catalyst for long-term business relationships. Pamela is also the founder and inspiration of Baby it’s Cold Outside, a non-profit organization dedicated to lending a hand up to those in need throughout Alberta.

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