Integral Strength and Nutrition – Felicity Ford, CHN,PTS,PPFS


A farm girl living in a big city with a passion for health and fitness, Felicity is Owner and Instructor of Integral Strength and Nutrition. Felicity studied for two years through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to receive a Diploma as a Holistic Nutritionist. With the large goal of educating everyone around her of the ins and outs of wholesome, natural foods, Felicity strives to provide others with the knowledge they need to live their life optimally while in their best health. Whether you’re struggling with gut health, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, or are just wanting to slim down and rid yourself of additional body fat and/or gain muscle, Felicity’s knowledge and desire to help you will get you on your way to truly knowing what it feels like to FEEL GOOD.

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