DRINK – Sandy Mera Bridger


DRINK was founded by Sandy Bridger to provide guests with an intimate, not intimidating place to taste and learn about wine. The concept  was born out of a passion for winemakers and their craft. The wines found at DRINK are carefully cultivated to capture the unique – small production, family wineries, women winemakers, etc. These special
wines are as approachable as Sandy and her husband Cameron, who enjoy welcoming you into their living room
style tasting room. Come sip, share tasting notes, hear the stories behind the bottle, and learn more about their
beloved DRINK. Sandy, much like her selection of wines is dynamic and multifaceted. Mom of 3, wife, friend to Sea Turtles and Trees, a fundraising virtuoso, and a partner in the community with focuses on child advocacy issues,
cancer, health care and much more… She lives by the mantra: “You have to know the rules in order to break them”.
Intimate, Not Intimidating.

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