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Dejah Harold is the personality behind Eclat Raleigh. This concept is derived from the French word meaning brilliant or glittering. The content she creates guides her followers as the way she sees Raleigh through her unique lens. Her mission is to share her love of Raleigh with not just her community but the world. She is passionate about
supporting local businesses, boosting confidence, and connecting like-minded boss babes.

Dejah is a content creator, social media manager, and motivational speaker through the company she established, Dejah Designs. Her keen eye for style and design was cultivated during her time at FIDM Los Angeles. She loves to engage audiences, run social media campaigns, and plan memorable events. Dejah is a dedicated influencer for her clients and their brands, with a proven track record for successful growth. Whether it is at an event or via social media, she always finds a way to share her sparkle and encourages spreading kindness like confetti with everyone
she meets.

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