Saving Grace Animals for Adoption – Molly Goldston

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Molly Goldston is a true blue North Carolina native. She’s a graduate of Meredith College in Raleigh. Following graduation, Molly worked in an animal shelter where her passion for animals, specifically saving animals, flourished. She dedicated several years in this realm and learning all she could about shelter behavior from a variety of trainers and experts. Her strongest desire was to reach the most rural communities in our state.

Molly spends her days reaching out to underserved shelters to provide support. She has created a beautiful and safe environment to give adopters a place to meet dogs where they could observe them in a natural environment.

The potential to save even more exists through continued support to Saving Grace by way of service, time or donation.

As long as there is demand and need, Molly will continue to dedicate each and every day to identifying and saving as many sweet souls as possible.

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