Skin Raleigh – Gretta Nance


Gretta Nance spent the majority of her childhood outdoors, catching bugs. This might seem surprising for someone so prominent in the field of Plastic Surgery and MedSpa aesthetics—but when you find out she was raised by a couple of Biologists it starts to make sense. Luckily, Gretta never lost that adventurous spirit.

She moved to England when most of her friends were buying houses, got married on national television, beat skin cancer, worked for the Department of Corrections, and got a semi-regrettable tattoo on her foot when she was 14. Clearly, she’s not one to adhere to anybody else’s idea of what a woman should, or shouldn’t be doing.

Which is exactly why she is so passionate about helping other women find the courage to live their lives with that same adventurous spirit—whether it’s through hosting a #GirlBoss networking event or opening Skin Raleigh MedSpa.

And in case modern medicine ever figures out that cloning thing, she’s had her stem cells harvested.

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