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Taanya Sarma is a creative entrepreneur and an author. TS International Productions, being her first business gives an insight into her dynamic personality, is an event planning company. SmartupStartups, a venture owned by her, works with young brands, is a mere formalization of the efforts Taanya has been making with small businesses throughout her illustrious career. Providing consultation to companies on strategy, branding, and marketing is her way of giving back to the community outside of her work hours. The Wild Cat, her first book in a series of the trilogy. The proceeds from the book go to people suffering from this very reality of our age – cyberbullying and cybercrime. Taanya is an inspiration to young people everywhere, her work in the community exemplify dedication and hard work. Donations, volunteering, consultations all speak of an idea, Taanya’s strong belief in being empowered and contributing to the empowerment of others.

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