This former shift nurse turned creative decided to turn the lemons life gave her into the sweetest lemonade. Practically overnight, she transitioned her hobby into a passionate career, creating Dani Nicole Photography in 2016 as a way to provide for her two children and herself as a newly single mom. Not only did she find stability and independence, but a joy and talent she never knew existed within herself. Now as a published, full-time photographer, Dani specializes in intimate weddings and elopements, authentic couple’s portraits, and the sultriest of boudoir, all created in a moody, unique, and bold way. Whether she’s on a mountaintop in the fog with a madly in love couple or in her studio helping empower a woman through self-acceptance and confidence, Dani lives and breathes visual storytelling in the rawest forms, and always strives to find beauty in the darkness.

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