Sales Barista – Stephanie Melish

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Also known as the Double-Tall, Non-Fat, No-Whip Sales Barista, Stephanie Melish, is an Inspirational Speaker and Certified Business Coach who works with all levels of people to improve their businesses and life while increasing their bank accounts. Stephanie offers her insights in the same style as her favorite coffee: bold, inspirational, honest, and with the goal of energizing her clients and their businesses while providing them proven methods to boost productivity, profits, and success. Over the past ten years, Stephanie has become the youngest Gitomer Certified Speaker, won awards in professional fundraising, delivered over 100 speaking and training sessions, consulted with
Fortune 500 companies, been published on and and launched her own successful
speaking and coaching business. Always looking to expand her earning potential, Stephanie has taken on the additional role of beauty influencer as a partner with a luxury hair care company.

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