Chop & Chisel – JAMIE BAIRD


Jamie joins the KNOW Tribe as the co-owner of Chop & Chisel, a gourmet grab & go meal shop with a convenient weekly meal delivery service. The menu consists of nutritious, chef-inspired heat & eat meals that are ready when you are. Before starting the company with her husband in 2015, Jamie learned the fine art of small business ownership at her first job post-university in NYC where she trained actors and models, before accepting an opportunity with the Department of Defense. After she and her husband moved to Charlotte, Jamie spent time
consulting with the banks as well as taking on freelance work. Jamie also enjoys training throughout the
city. She likes seeing the great food Chop & Chisel provides serve as fuel for the amazing people in her HIIT and Strength and Conditioning classes. Jamie joins the KNOW Tribe because her goal as a female
business owner and influencer is to become integrated into acommunity  of powerful, beautiful
women who have a love for empowering others.

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