Be Amazing Fitness Showcase – Celia Thompson


Celia Thompson is a mom, fiancé, career woman, fitness professional and community leader with a passion for helping others. Cel believes that her family, strong work ethic, community involvement and philanthropic efforts are what help her push daily to “Be Amazing”, which is her personal mantra for being the best version of herself. This “Be Amazing” mantra birthed several new entrepreneurial ventures in 2018 including a fitness showcase and a
fitness apparel line. Celia’s hope for each of these ventures is that they help other women across the world to identify and celebrate what makes them uniquely amazing. Cel has become a community leader through her involvement with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and Greater Charlotte Apartment Association. She currently holds a board position with the Charlotte Chamber’s initiative “Healthy Charlotte” & a Board of Directors position with the Greater
Charlotte Apartment Association.

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